Reasons to Have Your Own Agent When Buying a House

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Reasons to Have Your Own Agent When Buying a House

1.  Loyalty is not divided.  The listing agent's primary duty is to the seller.  It's a very difficult tightrope to walk to represent both party's interests.  The security of knowing that your agent is only concerned about you and your getting the right house, the right price will help you sleep at night. 

2. You won't wonder if you gave away too much.  The listing agent's duty is to get the highest possible price and the best possible terms for the seller.  The buyer's agent's duty is to get you the best possible price and best terms for you.. When you have your own agent, you have more confidence that you didn't over pay or over concede.

3.  This house may not be the best fit for you.  There may be others that check more of your boxes, houses that maybe have unappealing photos so you bypassed them, or are coming soon, or off-market.  But if you only work with the listing agent you won't know about the others. 

4. You can relax.  You won't have to worry about what you say about your finances or willingness to negotiate. Though most agents are honorable, there can still be anxiety when you wonder about the agreed-upon price and terms. With your own agent, that concern can disappear.   

5.  Your agent is your advocate.  They are willing to say "you should walk away" if that's what they think is best.  You can trust that you are receiving all the information you need to make this huge financial decision, giving you peace of mind.  When costs of repairs are negotiated, you will have confidence that your interests were foremost in your agent's negitiations.  You have your own guide, helping you through the disclosures, the legal issues, the contracts, the inspection reports, looking at it from your viewpoint, with your best interests foremost. 

6.  You will get superior service.  The buyer's agent will want to give you such a great experience, with trust and loyalty, that you will never want to use a different agent for any real estate transaction.  And they want you to refer them to all your friends and family.  They want a relationship, not just one deal.

6.  You pay your agent nothing.  The seller pays them.  You get years of experience, loyalty, an advocate for YOUR needs and concerns working solely for you, for nothing.  Peace of mind is worth far more than any possible discount.